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Go Stuck Yourself

From the creative team behind Caught Fapping Sex Series comes Go Stuck Yourself, a nuanced exploration into the socio-political impact of — just kidding! It’s a series about people getting stuck in embarrassing positions under furniture and between tight spaces, and having to fuck their way into getting the help they need to get unstuck!
But hey, just because it’s not rocket science doesn’t make it any less explosive! Fun is the name of the game here, as each comedic and lighthearted episode follows a sexy but clumsy character as they find themselves caught between a rock and a..ahem..hard place.

Whether they’re searching for lost jewelry under a couch or bed, fixing a leaky pipe under a sink, or realizing they don’t quite fit through the elevator door, one thing’s for sure – they’re going to need a hand getting out of the sticky situation they suddenly find themselves in. And when aid DOES finally come along just at the right moment, their rescuer first decides to take full advantage of this little predicaments to admire the view of their damsel (or dude) in distress, ass-up and helpless, and eventually deciding they want to claim their reward BEFORE doing any heavy lifting. Cue in SEX!

Fans of zany caught premises and slapstick comedy are sure to become stuck on this latest cheeky sex series on Adult Time! Getting stuck is never fun. Well…ALMOST never.

Watch all full videos here!!!

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