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Covering her tracks, scene #01


Billy Boston, Destiny Cruz and Robby Echo

Jenna (Destiny Cruz) has the perfect boyfriend, Brandon (Robby Echo), although she’s feeling pressured because of it. He’s so sweet and wants nothing more than for them to spend their lives together — and although jenna appreciates the love, it does make her feel a little stifled. It’s just that he’s her first boyfriend, so how does she know he’s the one? What if she doesn’t want to be tied down yet?

One evening, as they get ready to go out to a party, Brandon tries to get a bit frisky with jenna but is immediately shot down. Brandon’s hurt and confused about why she’s been distant lately, especially when it comes to sex, but jenna is shifty as she insists that she’s just a bit worried about becoming pregnant. She’s not ready for that kind of commitment yet.

But before Brandon can continue, his older sibling, evan (Billy Boston), shows up to join them to the party.

Jenna’s heart instantly starts racing once their eyes meet. There’s so much sexual tension between them, though Brandon is oblivious. Evan’s just so much more daring and free spirited than Brandon is. Everything about evan screams that he’s just looking for fun and nothing else… No strings attached… And that’s exactly what Jenna wants to experiment with…

Later that night, after the trio returns home and Brandon goes to bed, Jenna’s left all alone with evan and her heart races faster than ever before. When evan starts confidently coming onto her, offering her a taste of freedom before she inevitably one day ties the knot with Brandon, Jenna jumps at the chance. But when that wild night leads to a positive pregnancy test weeks later, jenna’s world is turned upside-down. Suddenly, she needs brandon’s loyalty and stability more than ever, but how will he react to the affair?

That’s when Jenna decides she has to do something truly underhanded to keep the man she once wanted to push away.

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