Cougariffic: Sugar Sponsor

Three teen friends, Emily Willis, Leah Lee, and Vina Sky, are going door-to-door looking for sponsors for their school trip to France. They’ve already been to soooo many houses but aren’t having much luck.

It seems like they’re on the verge of missing out on an amazing class trip! But they have one more house to try…When Kenzie Taylor opens the door, she is beyond pleased to have so many cute girls on her doorsteps. She instantly allows them inside to hear more about their trip.

Of course, the more the teens talk about the trip, the more they realize that Kenzie is smitten with them… maybe even fantasizing about them! Since they’re determined to get her sponsorship, the teens pull out ALL the stops.

Kenzie is blissfully overwhelmed as the teens slyly gossip about how they most look forward to sunbathing in France in their cute little bikinis.

It’ll be so nice having so many girlfriends nearby to help rub the lotion all over their half-naked bodies, too.

It seems like they have Kenzie wrapped around their little fingers but there’s just one more thing they can do to REALLY seal the deal…

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